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Bank Foreclosure Millionaire is the only highly interactive educational investment game in the world that teaches people the basics of how to make big profits investing in real estate. It uses gamification to teach proven concepts of real estate investing to make money, build wealth, get rich and be a real estate millionaire by flipping houses!The game uses curriculum videos, real life mentoring and other resources to teach people exactly how to buy homes, flip houses & build a rental property portfolio to make money while learning the secrets to real estate, investing and personal finance!In Bank Foreclosure Millionaire learning how to be a financially successful real estate investor investing in real estate is easier than you think. You’re the real estate investor and landlordlooking to make a profit & get rich by flipping houses.*** Put your new investing skills to the test by practicing what you’ve learned with the real estate market simulator that’s built directly into the game!*** Compete against your friends, family & other investors under real market conditions to see who can earn the most money in the shortest amount of time!*** Earn financial achievement awards and progress quickly through the game while earning virtual cash through the various house buying investing strategies like wholesaling, rehabbing,being a landlord & buying notes from banks at a discount!*** This real-life real estate game teaches you how to evaluate, analyze and structure real estate deals confidently & risk-free in just one hour!Bank Foreclosure Millionaire gives you the tools you need to learn to achieve financial freedom investing in real estate. Master and practice investing before risking your real money while playingthis fun, challenging & educational game.BANK FORECLOSURE MILLIONAIRE is the only highly -interactive, profit-filled real estate investment training game in the world Driven by Game-Based Learning, the best educational investing experience possible.HOUSE FLIPPING GAME- Buy homes & flip houses to earn money- Negotiate real estate deals & learn how to make a profit- Flip houses from foreclosures, fixer uppers, vacant property, fire damage or more and learn how to make moneyAUTHENTIC INVESTMENT STRATEGIES- Buy homes cheap, fix them up & sell high- Understand real estate market conditions & how they change- Learn investment strategies, master the market and find real estate deals to winLEVEL SELECTPractice flipping houses by replaying eight different levels:- Wholesaler: Flip houses to cash buyers- Rehabber: Learn how to buy, fix & flip homes- Landlord: Learn how to be a landlord & build a rental property portfolio- Note Buying: Learn how to buy mortgage notes for .25 cents on the dollar- Money Partner: Learn how to find the capital to fund your deals- Private Lender: Learn how to fund your deals with IRAs- Hard Money Lender: Learn how to get the funding for your real estate deals without using yourown credit- Hedge Funds: Buy pools of notes & REOs from banks below market valueREAL ESTATE TUTORIAL- Learn real estate investment tips & tricks with our helpful tutorial- Get a real estate mentor, watch an instructional video, or get a PDF- Learn genuine & proven real estate investing skillsLEARN REAL ESTATE:- Investment strategies- How professional real estate investors make money structuring deals- How to get the money to fund your real estate deals.REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRAININGLearn about:- The Mechanics of The Deal- Financial Analysis- Real Estate 70% Formulas- Number Crunching- Property Value Negotiating Skills- Property Blueprints- And more!This real-life investment game teaches you the intricate details about making money and building wealth investing in real estate, whether you just started & have never made a deal or you’re aseasoned real estate veteran. Start flipping houses today, and learn genuine real estate skills! Download now!

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